Loyal ASSE SF Members Honored at April Technical Meeting
Posted - Apr 20, 2017

8 chapter members were honored at the April 12th technical meeting for their long term membership. Award plaques were presented and complimentary dinners provided for the long time members and their spouses that attended the meeting: Jesse Roberts – 25 years (left), Jeffery Kraus – 40 years (middle) and Gregory Pallotti – 40 years (right). Other honorees were: Gonzalo Sapiz – 25 years, Katherine Hart – 25 years, Erwin Granados – 25 years, Deborah Grant – 25 years, and Jeffery Ringwald – 25 years. Certificates will be mailed to them.

ASSE Society President spoke at Region 1 Meeting held April 6-7, 2017
Posted - Apr 17, 2017

Tami Galt, President San Francisco Chapter ASSE (left) and Dave Paoletta (right), President Elect San Francisco Chapter ASSE enjoyed meeting Tom Cecich, ASSE Society President (center) and networking with other chapter leaders at the recent Region 1 Regional Operating Committee (ROC) meeting, hosted by the Hawaii ASSE chapter. Tom discussed key rebranding and dues increase initiatives that will be voted on in June by the House of Delegates during Safety 2017 in Denver. The ROC meetings are hosted on a rotating basis by one of the nineteen chapters in Region 1 twice a year and provide valuable information from Society and other chapters for chapter leaders to discuss with members and improve our chapter.

A Successful 2017 Bay Area Safety Symposium
Posted - Mar 10, 2017

On behalf of ASSE SF Chapter President, Tami Galt:

Thank you Dr. Todd Conklin and all of the many volunteers for another awesome ASSE Bay Area Safety Symposium!

Great 2017 Bay Area Safety Symposium!



Congratulations to Dr. Sheila O’Halloran for winning the San Francisco Chapter Past President’s Award at the 2017 ASSE Bay Area Safety Symposium!

Mark Stone, Past President, presented the award to Dr. Sheila for her many years of dedication to the Grapevine Section.



Congratulations to Kathleen Crawford for winning the San Francisco Chapter President’s Choice Award at the 2017 ASSE Bay Area Safety Symposium!

I was pleased to present the award for Kathleen’s years of dedication to the Construction Section and improving safety in California.



Congratulations to Ron Gantt for winning the San Francisco Chapter Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) Award at the 2017 ASSE Bay Area Safety Symposium!

I was proud to present the award to Ron – well deserved! Dave Paoletta nominated him for his outstanding leadership and service to the San Francisco Chapter and safety profession.


Thank you Dan Hopwood, Region 1 Regional Vice President!

Interesting new macro perspective for attendees at the 2017 Bay Area Safety Symposium on ASSE at the regional and society level. We appreciate his constant support and encouragement to the executive committees of the San Francisco and Greater San Jose chapters!

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