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Fall 2017 Scholarship Recipient – Jason Johnston, Congrats!
Posted - Dec 06, 2017

At left, Jason Johnston receives the San Francisco Chapter’s $250 Fall Semester scholarship at Las Positas College from Steve McConnell, Adjunct Faculty member. Jason is a new student in the program and has already established himself as a top performing student.

Mr. Johnston is the Safety and Environmental Coordinator for CBC Steel Buildings in Lathrop, a manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings. He is an Outreach Instructor for the Federal OSHA General Industry 10 and 30-hour courses. He will obtain the California Outreach Instructor designation in early 2018.

Jason’s desire is to continue his education and to eventually become a consultant or mentor in health and safety. He plans to obtain the Associates degree in Occupational Health and Safety at Las Positas College. Eventually, he plans to pursue the CSP designation.


According to McConnell, “Jason’s Health and Safety knowledge base stands out in the program and has helped him become an asset to others in the class. He knows the topic and often is a contributor to class discussions.”

The San Francisco Chapter’s Role in the ASSE-ASSP Name Change
Posted - Dec 06, 2017

This past August, ASSE members made the historic decision to change the organization’s name from the American Society of Safety Engineers to the American Society of Safety Professionals. Per the chapter affiliation agreement, our chapter is required to utilize the organizational name and logo in accordance with policy and guidelines. ASSE members voted to amend Society bylaws to reflect the new name. As separately incorporated entities, chapters need to hold a separate chapter member vote to change the name in chapter governing documents, as well.

In the coming weeks and months, San Francisco Chapter Officers will facilitate this change which involves the following:

Phase I:  Member Vote on Name Change

  • Amend bylaws to reflect the new name
  • Hold member vote to accept bylaws & approve new name in articles of incorporation


Phase II: Agreements with ASSE

  • Sign Chapter Charter with new name
  • Sign Chapter Affiliate Agreement with new name
  • Sign Webhosting Contract with new name


Phase III: Filings

  • Submit new name with federal tax filing
  • Submit change of name form with incorporation filing
  • Update name with financial institutions


To fulfill Step One, a notification of proposed bylaw changes and electronic vote will be organized by 1/2/18, which is 30 days in advance of when the vote will be held. Voting will take place 1 Feb through 15 March 2018.


Please be responsive to this vote on the bylaws as subsequent actions depend of this step being completed in a timely way. If you have questions, please contact me or other Board members directly.

ROC 1 Meeting held September 7-8 in Seattle
Posted - Sep 20, 2017

Amanda Shin (center), President Elect San Francisco Chapter ASSE enjoyed networking with other chapter leaders including, Cha Yang (left) President of the Sacramento Chapter ASSE and Mary Sullivan (right) President of the Hawaii Chapter ASSE, at the recent Region 1 Regional Operating Committee (ROC) meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Puget Sound ASSE chapter in beautiful Seattle, WA. Chapter leaders and Region 1 elected officers brainstormed ideas to increase member engagement by utilizing technology and diversifying technical meetings throughout the chapter year. Dan Hopwood, Assistant Regional Vice President (ARVP) also discussed the importance of Awards and Recognition and asked each chapter to report back in the Spring meeting on what each chapter has done to spearhead Awards and Recognition within their respective chapters. The ROC meetings are hosted on a rotating basis by one of the nineteen chapters in Region 1 twice a year and provide valuable information from Society and other chapters for chapter leaders to discuss with members and improve our chapter. Updates on the new society brand were also presented at the meeting. You can learn more about the ROC 1 Fall 2017 Meeting by visiting the Region 1 website by clicking here.
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